Reasons to Keep Your Room Clean

Reasons to Keep Your Room Clean | Buddha Pants®

The words, “clean your room,” send shock waves through our juvenile memory banks, sending us scurrying outside, or cowering under the bed to avoid discovery.

But did you know that keeping your bedroom clean can actually help alleviate stress? Small habits, like a clean personal space, can add a sense of accomplishment and well-being to your day. A clean room, like an ordered mind, are both easier to navigate. And if these aren’t reason enough to unclutter your room, studies show that people with clean rooms actually sleep better!

Here are the Basics.

Make your bed first thing in the morning. Not after breakfast, not after showering, not after a morning run, NOW, First Thing! Else, chances are good it won’t get done. And after a long day at work or school, who wants to face a rumpled bed? There’s nothing quite like heading to dreamland in a bed waiting to receive you. Your challenge — to make your bed before you do anything else.

Change Your Sheets every week - two weeks, max. Sundays are a good day to put fresh linens on your bed. Doing this gets rid of sloughed off dead skin cells and dust mites. Icky gross!

Block time to clean. You’ll be amazed at the difference you’ll feel in your home when you set aside some dedicated hours each week to clean.

Check (and clean) your mattress. Your bed is one of the most used pieces of furniture in your home. Over time, dust mites, dead skin cells, and sweat build up on your mattress. In addition to disinfecting, rotate your mattress to avoid divots forming from repeated use.

Now get in there and clean your room or NO DINNER!

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