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Stay-At-Home Buddha Pants | Buddha Pants®

Buddha Pants are the perfect pants for Stay-At-Home times.

As we navigate the waters of stay-at-home shelter-in-place protocols there is this paradox. Even as we isolate, we do it together. We are, all of us, in this fight alone / together.

And Buddha Pants are made to keep us comfortable while sheltering-in-place.  Lightweight, roomy, and made of the softest materials, they are perfect as we curl up for binge watching, yoga practice, reading, writing, and meditating. And they look great, adding a splash of color to every Zoom session, whether personal or business! Move about the kitchen or the bedroom with equal ease, and if you must go out for a gallon of milk, non-existent toilet paper, or a box of cookies, do it in comfort.

Just be sure to take them off and drop them in the dirty clothes bin upon your safe return from the market. A fresh pair of Buddha Pants keep you safe while the bold colors and patterns put a smile on your face. Even dreams will “pop” more if you wear them as jammies. Wear them, (and nothing else!) for romantic nights in your candlelit transformed homes and apartments. Your honey will love it. 

Buddha Pants. Stay home with style.