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Buddha Face Masks to the Rescue! | Buddha Pants®

Buddha Pants proudly announces Buddha Face Masks - doing our part to protect health workers and the public in the face of the Coronavirus.  And how better to do that than by literally protecting the face?  It is a lesser known, but equally important fact, that in addition to protecting the wearer and the public from transmittable virus, masks are the first-line deterrent to preventing us touching our face, eyes, and nose — all areas where virus enters the body to wreak havoc upon the host.

Buddha Pants will begin shipping Face Masks as early as late April, possibly sooner. All post-production profit from mask sales will go to our factory workers. It is our intention to provide free-shipping for large orders, while donating masks free to care-givers and people in direst need.

Our Buddha Face Masks will keep you safe from virus, dust, pollution and more. Made of 100% cotton, Three layer protection, comfy black elastic for your ears, and it’s washable and reusable!

Our supplies, at present, are limited, so your patience is appreciated as we work to retool our facilities and ramp up production. Available in five custom designs, Buddha Face Masks are One-Size-Fits-All.  Each mask comes in a dedicated storage satchel.

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