Wearing Baggy Pants to Yoga Class is in!

Wearing Baggy Pants to yoga class is in! | Buddha Pants®

Yogis, and yoginis, baggy pants is where it's at in yoga class these days. Baggy pants are in! In class recently at One Yoga Planet in Fort Pierce, FL, baggy pants was definitely trending!

Many people are adopting looser fitting yoga pants these days. Many yoga pants are made from synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, and spandex that can stretch and wick away moisture, all of which is wonderful. But man-made fibers are just not sustainable. The man-made fabrics used to make yoga pants are loaded with chemicals!

The modern yogi is consciousness driven. Today’s yogi is concerned about the sustainability of our planet; from the food we eat to the fabric we put on our bodies. This is good news for the cotton industry, currently holding 27% of the textile market, but more importantly, trending upward. One hundred years ago, cotton held 85% of the textile marker. This was before synthetic fabrics came on the scene. In 1989, the Cotton industries marketing slogan was, “The Touch, the Feel, the Fabric of our Lives.” Then, just as cotton got back in the game, Blue Jeans came along! Now Cotton Inc. is plotting its comeback, branding cotton as the sustainable, natural alternative to synthetics. In an ironic “twist”, cotton is now selling itself as the “fabric of tomorrow.”

Wait long enough and everything old is new again.

In the baggy pants yoga attire market, Cotton is King. Yoga practitioners demand comfort, tactile pleasure, and sustainability. Smart money is betting on cotton’s market share to rise again.  Here’s to cotton - the “Fabric of Our Lives!”

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