Harem Pants for Kids and Parents: 6 Reasons to Style the Family

Harem Pants for Kids and Parents: 6 Reasons to Style the Family | Buddha Pants®

Remember that time you wore uncomfortable pants all day and waited for the moment you could return home and change into sweatpants? Or what about that moment you decided to go on a walk or do some stretches, but your skinny jeans just wouldn’t cooperate? We’ve all been there. Sometimes our stylish pants can look great but not feel the best (lucky we made a jean jumper to solve that problem!)

Harem pants provide the comfort of leisure clothes and can be dressed up and styled for any occasion - the best of both worlds! Harem pants aren’t only great for adults, they also make ideal pants for kids. Here are 6 reasons why you should style your whole family in harem pants.

Flexibility and Comfort
Harem pants are made of breathable materials for all day comfort without restricting movement. They’ll keep you warm when the weather is cooler and allow air flow when it’s warm.

Wear Them for All Activities
Maybe your kids decide they want to play outside after returning home from an event, or maybe you’d like to stretch it out with some gentle yoga as the kids lie down for a nap. No problem! Keep your harem pants on and save the hassle of changing into a new outfit. Harem pants are great for yoga, dancing, travel, leisure, and more. The high waisted genie pants are great for this reason!

Dress Them Up or Down
There are endless combinations of outfits you can create with harem pants. Dress them up with a blouse, jewelry, and high heels, or dress them down with a casual tank and sneakers. A pair of black drop crotch pants are truly unbeatable in terms of versatility.

“Mini Me” Matching Outfits
Buddha Pants’ Chainlink Harem Pants come in all sizes - from baby to young kids to tween to adult! Pick the same pattern for the whole family to match, or let the kids blaze their own trail in style with a different pattern. At Buddha Pants, our kids pants are available in a range of patterns.

Easy to Pack & Travel With
Taking the family on a trip, but don’t want to lug a ton of bags with you? Or maybe you need a change of clothes to throw in your day bag? Harem pants are lightweight and are small when folded up. Buddha Pants even fold themselves into their own pocket!

Even When Mom is Expecting...
Not only do harem pants style the whole family, they also make awesome maternity pants for expecting mothers! With their stretchy waists, harem pants grow with you throughout your pregnancy.

It’s time to make both kids and parents comfortable and fashionable with harem pants!

The beautiful momma Sophie Jaffe (photographed above) knows exactly how to style her whole family and incorporate harem pants into the family's lifestyle.

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