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Self Care Tips for your Morning Routine

Morning time is essential for the layout of your day. Studies have shown that starting your day with intention will lead you to be more productive and motivated throughout the day. 

If you struggle with self care in the morning, here are three easy ways to start your day for more productivity. 

# 1. Rise with the sun. Physically watching the sun rise, is a signal to the brain that it is time to start your day. Studies have also shown that rising with the sun has important healing properties for mental health. 

# 2. Tell yourself positive affirmations while looking in the mirror. Many of us avoid looking at ourselves in the mirror because we are ashamed of how we look. This serves the body no purpose, and will never encourage you to transform. Look at yourself every morning repeating affirmations such as;

"I am worthy"

"I am loved"

"I am beautiful"

"I am deserving of great things"

Write up a list of positive affirmations the night before, and have them laying by your bathroom mirror to recite the next morning. 

# 3. Perform abhangya, self massage, with sesame seed oil. You can buy my favorite brand here. Sesame seed oil contains high amounts of copper, which your body uses to produce sufficient amounts of red blood cells. When you perform this self massage, you are increasing the blood flow to all of your organs, and reducing inflammation. This is what many people did thousands of years ago, for protection and healing to start their day. 

These three easy ways to start your morning will allow to feel more productive and an overall sense of lightness before jumping into your busy day!