Back to School - Start the Year Off Right

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It’s almost time for back to school!   
If you’re wondering how you can help your child get ready for back to school success, here are some ideas to consider:

1.  Firm Bedtime & Wake-Up Times
Being well rested is critical to student performance and mood.  The sooner you can have your child on a regular sleep schedule, the better.  Enjoy transitioning into the school year well rested and charged up.

2.  Talk About Returning to School
Getting excited about the upcoming school year will help diffuse any uneasiness about going back to school. Consider talking about fun and important goals for the school year, and begin preparing ideas for how to reach your child's new goals. This will also give you insight into what's on your child's mind when they think about school. 

3.  Buy New School Supplies
Being prepared with the right school supplies is important for performing well in school.  Is there a school supply list from the school that needs to be cross referenced?  Ask your child if they have any special back to school supply requests and preferences too!

4.  Start Selecting Clothes the Night Before
Having your child pick their clothes out the night before is a great way to develop organizational skills.  Having everything ready the night before will also help stay away from morning rushes and feeling scattered.

5.  Establish a Morning Routine
Upon waking, what must happen first? Shower? Brushed teeth? Journaling? Breakfast preparations?  What does your child’s best case morning look like? Create a routine and stick to it.  A great start to the day goes a long way for both children and adults.

6.  Buy a Wall Calendar for the Family
A wall calendar makes for a great visual organizational tool.  You can write family activities, extra curricular, doctors appointments, birthdays, holidays and more into the calendar to help your child stay on track and plan for upcoming events.

7.  Establish an After School Routine
Homework comes at all ages.  Consider time blocking homework times for your child to help support them develop efficient time management skills.  The family calendar can also be helpful for this part.

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Enjoy heading back to school, and good luck for the up-coming school year!

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