Take Time for Yourself and Boost Productivity

Take Time for Yourself and Boost Productivity | Buddha Pants®
The days you think that you ‘don’t have time’ in your busy schedule to do yoga, meditate, or simply take a few moments to breathe, are the days you actually need it the most. It sounds contradictory at first. A trick our brain tells us is, “I have so much on my to do list already, I can’t possibly fit in extra time to go to yoga.”⁣⁣

Taking time for yourself is proven to make you MORE productive, and you’ll actually end up accomplishing more in less time if you do this, rather than going through the rush of the day from a stance of being flustered.

Rushing from task to task and errand to errand puts us on what some call Autopilot. The Autopilot Mind causes us to absentmindedly perform tasks without putting much thought or question into them. When we do this, we fail to take a step back, see the larger picture, and lavish in the simple pleasures in life. Doing this completely transforms your life and the way you interact with the world.

This is what it means to practice mindfulness - to be truly aware and immersed as you move throughout the day. Simple mindfulness exercises you can do during even the most hectic days include taking a 5-minute walk and trying to find things you’ve never noticed before or taking time to reflect on your day and make a list of everything you’re grateful for.

Challenge yourself today to take time for yourself to be fully present and grateful for your surroundings.

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