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Say Yes to Yourself and Self-Care | Buddha Pants®
Always say “yes” to yourself, even if that means saying no to what others want or expect from you. As difficult as this is, it’ll change your entire life. Every time you say yes to doing something that doesn’t serve you or you don’t want to do, you actually end up letting yourself down and breaking your own trust.⁣

This behavior is common and many people do it without really realizing. We think saying yes is the nice thing to do, because we care about others and want them to get what they want. While it is important to care for and help out others, it is vital to differentiate between helping others and “people pleasing.”

People pleasing happens because we want to make others happy. But, only showing up for others with low energy and not fully wanting to be there isn’t really showing up for them. Fully showing up for others happens when you learn to preserve your peace and happiness, and are there to give them your all.

When you build up a loving relationship with yourself and prioritize your happiness and wellbeing, you are so much more able to be there and say yes to others!⁣

Saying no to plans in order to give yourself time to recharge is 100% okay. It’s important to rest, to nourish yourself, to recharge. Fill up your own cup, then filling up the cups of others comes naturally as a result of you being your fullest self.