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True Transformation Takes Time | Buddha Pants®
Making progress toward your goals is an investment, it’s not typically something that happens overnight. It can be easy to feel discouraged after working hard toward your goals for a few days or maybe even weeks or months, and barely see your progress at that point. On the contrary, that’s not the way the world works - we take baby steps toward our goals every single day. We can’t always see the changes day by day, but over time those changes add up and the progress is incredible to look back upon.

As an example, a new yoga student may try out yoga every single day for a week, but feel like they’re not getting into poses as deep as the more experienced students. The yogi can’t see her practice change drastically from one day to the next, but after a year she suddenly gets into difficult balancing postures she never would have expected to get into.

Celebrate your baby steps, no matter how small they are, because each one truly does count. Going to one yoga class, listening to a personal development podcast, journaling about your goals and dreams, or taking an hour to work on something that pushes you toward your goals may not feel like a lot at the time, but it truly does make a difference when it all compounds and you reach huge achievements. Invest in furthering yourself one step at a time, and never let yourself be convinced not to do something that furthers you toward your ideal life just because it only seems like a small step rather than huge. True transformation takes time.