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What is Your Dosha?

Ayurveda originated in India more than 5 thousand years ago as a preventative-medicine system rooted in the principle that the mind has the power to deeply  influence our bodily state, and ideal health begins with awareness of any imbalances that may be present. Ayurvedic practitioners maintain that every event that takes place in the mind, has a corresponding event taking place physically based on your individual body type, or dosha.  

In Ayurveda the three doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, are like blueprints to understanding your intrinsic behaviors.  By embracing your specific dosha, you can take a more targeted approach to achieving balance and overall well-being.

Please answer the following questions to determine your dosha.


I lose weight easily and I have difficulty gaining it.  Yes  No

I prefer warm over cold.  Yes  No

My skin tends to be rough and dry.  Yes  No

When under stress I tend to become anxious and/or fearful.  Yes  No


I have an athletic build.  Yes  No

I dislike heat and am easily fatigued by it.  Yes  No

I have strong digestion but I get irritable when I'm hungry.  Yes  No

I tend to become easily frustrated/ angry when under stress.  Yes  No


I carry extra weight and have difficulty losing it.  Yes  No

I tend to have excess mucous.  Yes  No

I have thick and lustrous hair.  Yes  No

When under stress I become withdrawn and resistant to change.  Yes  No

If you answer YES to three or more statements in any section, then that is most likely a peek into your constitution. For example, if you answered yes to three or more questions in the Kapha section, your dosha is most likely kapha. If your answers are split between two or three of the sections, you are likely bi or tri-doshic.