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Shree Vella | Buddha Pants®

Shree has been practicing yoga on and off for the last 7 years, although it wasn’t until the last 1 year that she made it part of her daily routine and started to practice with full determination and dedication. It found her at just the right time in her life when she needed it most and it only made perfect sense to her that she should undertake yoga teacher training and start to teach straight away, and that’s exactly what she did! She created her own facebook page called Shree Yoga Australia and started to advertize around the local area. She does yoga teaching work at the local high school for sport and teaches her own class twice a week at a beautiful, breezy venue. With a year of teaching experience and fully insured and certified, there is nothing stopping her from completing her dream of becoming a full time yoga instructor! Armed with experience from the photography world, having worked as a freelance photographer for the past 7 years and worked in editing/printing, she has created a beautiful instagram account called @shreeyoga where she posts pictures of her progress and practice, inspiring yogis and people from all around the world and graciously accepting the support that the ig community can offer. She is often a host for yoga challenges and regularly participates in other yoga challenges, which keeps her very busy and creative! Check out her page and follow her to show your support. Shree highly recommends Buddha Pants, and advertizes the pairs that she has on her IG account. Thanks for reading, always enjoy life and your Buddha pants