10 Easy Travel Hacks

10 Easy Travel Hacks

Travel hacks change the way you travel forever. Check out this quick list to save time and money on your next trip.

1.  Understand foreign languages.
Download the Google Translate app and take photos of any text in a foreign language — the app will translate in real time.

2.  Pack a self care kit for your flights.
Make your own self care kit and pop it in your carry-on bag. Include a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, facial moisturizer, eye masks, face sheet mask, lip balm and cozy socks. Enjoy!

3.  Buddha Pants are the best travel pants!
Since Buddha Pants and Jumpers pack up into their pocket, you can have a quick change of clothes in your carry-on. You can even tie Buddha Pants to your bag, which takes up no space at all!  Buddha Pants style with versatility and are a comfy must-have for travel + adventure ready lifestyles.

4.  Bring a Turkish towel.
Use it as a blanket or pillow on the flight. Then double it as a beach cover up, or stylish scarf. Check out ethically sourced and traditionally produced Turkish towels from Stray & Wander.

5.  Bring your own empty reusable water bottle to the airport.
Avoid overpriced water in plastic bottles and fill up at a water fountain once you pass through airport security. Plus, now you have a reusable water container to stay hydrated during your travels. Win for you, and win for the environment.

6.  Don’t exchange all your travel money at the airport.
Better exchange rates are always at a local ATM at your destination.

7.  Mark your bag fragile.
This will make sure your baggage is handled properly and it will make its way to the top of the pile. This usually means it comes out first as well.

8.  Backup your personal documents.
Email a copy of your passport and other important documents to yourself as a safeguard — just in case! A passport photocopy in your wallet is also a good idea.

9.  Experience a luxury hotel without staying at one.
If you have your eye on a luxury hotel, but it's out of budget - pop by for a drink in their lobby bar. Cheers!

10.  Photo opportunity.
Start a shared photo album with the people you’re traveling with. This will keep everything in one place and you can easily share photos.

Happy travels!

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