3 Reasons Why Buddha Pants Should be a Staple in Your Closet

3 Reasons why Buddha Pants should be a staple in your closet | Buddha Pants®

I sing the praises of a predominantly filled Buddha Pants closet! Way before I started blogging for Buddha Pants I was a raving fan! I just went to my closet to count and I have 7 Buddha Jumpers and 6 pairs of Buddha Pants and that doesn’t include the pants I’ve gifted to friends and family! Buddha Pants has been my go to ever since I stumbled onto the line at a Wanderlust Yoga show in Hawaii about 5 years ago.

Here are the 3 reasons why Buddha Pants should be in your closet:

1 - Best outfit to beat the heat. I live in Florida so you’re always looking for comfortable, light weight clothing. The Buddha Pants Jumpsuit fits the bill for this. Light weight, comfortable and a built in open back! I always joke that if I had a trunk filled with Buddha pants I could sell them all day long! I can’t tell you how many people stop me and asked me where I get my pants and jumpsuits!

2 – They’re my go to pants for yoga class. You can’t beat them for being comfortable and easy to move in.

3 – You can dress them down or up. Just add some heels and a cool necklace and you’re ready to go out on the town! The denim jumper pants are a great versatile piece for such ocassions!

 I just thought of a fourth reason and that’s how easy they pack up into their own pocket for traveling. I love this bonus aspect of the Buddha Pants.

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