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5 Amazing Dog-friendly Travel Destinations | Buddha Pants®

For those of you with wanderlust, we bet you're planning the next adventure, and it’s even better when you can bring your furry friends. There are incredible travel destinations within the U.S. that are not only dog-friendly, but dog encouraged, too! Read on for inspiration for places to travel with a 4-legged friend. 

  1. The Finger Lakes, NY - This place is all the rage for dog owners because of its freshwater lakes, farms and wineries that are pet friendly. Hike in Letchworth State Park, visit the Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca, pick fruit at TLC Blueberry farm or dock a boat at Miles Wine Cellars for ultimate relaxation!
  1. Austin, TX- Nevermind that Austin is a Foodie’s paradise, but you’ll even find yoga for dogs and a food trucks that caters to them, too! Austin isn’t afraid of the outdoors either, you can take them to Red Bud Isle for a swim! They even have dogs allowed restaurants- as long as they're on a leash!
  1. Kanab, Utah - If you’ve never been to Utah, you’re missing out- the scenery here is incredible. This place is for the hiking lovers, and it’s well worth the trip. Leashed dogs can roam wherever the hike takes you. Bring a camera, too!
  1. Fort De Soto Park, Florida - If the beach is more your style, this park on the Gulf of Mexico is a great place to bring the pup. The Park plans events throughout the year, like kayacking with canines, and seven miles of paved trails. Visit Paw Playground for off-leash beach fun! 
  1. Jackson Hole, WY - For the snowbirds (snow dogs?) Jackson Hole has a pretty open pet-policy, and amazing places to visit in the snow. Resorts like Snow King Resort love pet parents, and they respond with accessible lodging for guests traveling with dogs. Grand Teton Park isn’t too far away, nor is Shoshone Forest, so finding adventure isn’t hard to do here!

Whether you want the snow, sand, sun, surf, or urban travel, there are amazing places in the U.S. that live to treat your fur babies with love. What are some of your favorite places to travel with your dog?