5 Ways to Heal Joint Pain

5 Ways to Heal Joint Pain | Buddha Pants®

Feeling dry, achy, pained? Is there a weird creakiness in your joints when you stand up, sit, or lie down? The answers my be less complicated than you think! Often it's basic every day practices that can support our joints and overall health, we just have to commit to doing them! If you're reading this article, maybe you're ready to do just that.
So here's 5 awesome ways to heal joint pain:
1. Proper Hydration
Things we enjoy like coffee, tea, and alcohol act as dehydrators. The answer to keeping the sponge-like sacs around your joints as plush as can be, is water, and water alone. If your joints are creaky, or just downright in pain, you gotta drink more water. Shoot for at least a 1/2 gallon a day! Room temperature, little sips throughout your day are most effective, as this gives your body time to absorb and transport the water where it's needed.
2. Take Turmeric Daily
Here's the lowdown: Turmeric has a chemical called Curcumin. Studies in 2012 proved it was more effective in reducing pain and swelling in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis than the pharmaceutical drug diclofenac. Pretty cool stuff. Another study in 2006 showed Turmeric was quite affective in preventing inflammation all together, not just taking it away. Get some into your daily regiment, even if you aren't really dealing with pain yet.
3. Stretch and Exercise
You don't have to spend 2 hours at the gym, if you're starting out try taking a walk around the block a couple times a day. It helps strengthen the muscles around your joints, your bones, and your energy levels. Simple as it is, movement increases your circulation which helps to relieve stiffness in your joints. Look up "range-of-motion" exercises and pick one to add to (or make) your daily practice!
4. Eat Healthy Fats and Drink Bone Broth
Research the best Omega-3 Oil (I use doTERRA and Nordic Naturals), Vitamin D oil, and start taking them every single day. These fats suppress production of enzymes that erode important cartilage and proteins that protect you from inflammation. Bone broth is FULL of glucosamine and chondrites sulfate which keeps your cartilage healthy. On top of that, the collagen heals your gut which helps you get the most out of all the healthy food you eat. But don't just drink any bone broth, make your own at home in a pressure cooker from organic bones. Find a recipe online, try it out and share below! You'll see the difference in time!
5. Oil Massage
Physical touch -- squeezing, pressing, and manipulating the tissue around the affected joint increases circulation which helps relieve stiffness and the pain that comes with it. Try a few oils and see which works best for your skin. I like Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, and Avocado Oil. To up the anti, start with a teaspoon of one of the above oils, then add a drop or two of a powerful anti- inflammatory essential oil like Frankincense, Myrrh, or Wild Orange (you can mydoterra.com/alexandrahalenda ). Dive in with excitement, and make your way out of joint pain with these healthy practices! If you need a support system, reach out to a friend, or even to me! Living a pain-free and mobile life is the ultimate goal!

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