How to stretch your hamstrings

How to stretch your hamstrings | Buddha Pants®

How To Stretch Your Hamstrings If you're feeling pressure or light pain in the back of your thighs or low back, tightness or discomfort, stretching your Hamstrings might be exactly what you need. What exactly is a Hamstring? It's a collection of 4 muscles that run down the back of your thigh, and they perform most the work involved in bending your knee. Before we get started, it's good to know that if you've pulled a Hamstring, it needs rest, so don't go forward with these exercises.

A good way to know if your muscle is pulled is if you've experienced swelling, bruising, redness, pain while your muscle is at rest, or pain for an extended amount of time. If you're just feeling discomfort from a workout, a long run, or game day with friend, then most likely these stretches are safe and healthy for you. Rag Doll
Stand with your feet Hip-Width Distance. Usually it's at least as wide as your two fists between your big toes. Bend your knees and fold forward. Begin with your knees bent, resting your belly against your thighs. Lift and lower your chest with the first few breaths you take, just a few inches each time. As you get accustomed to the position, grab opposite elbows and hang there, breathing slowly and deeply. If you'd like to make it more supportive, place a pillow or a stack of books under your forearms and rest on it. Stay there for 10-20 long breaths. 

Pyramid Pose With or Without a Chair Step your right foot forward about 2 feet. Turn your back foot an inch or two to the left, fold forward and press your forehead towards your front shin gently. Breath long breaths expanding your chest mindfully. 5-10 breaths, then switch sides.

Downward Dog
Come on to your hands and knees, curl your toes under and lift your hips up into the air. Try to make a triangle shape with your body and the floor. Your heels may be lifted off the earth but over time, try to relax them as close as you can to the floor. Take long deeps breaths, as you gently tilt your tailbone up towards the ceiling, lengthening your low-back.

Your Favorite Stretch of All -Lay down on your back, gently hug your knees in towards your chest and rock side to side, massaging your low back. After a few breaths, press your left foot flat into the earth, extend your right leg up to the sky, with your hand a strap or a small towel hold onto your foot. If you can extend your leg straight comfortably, do. Hold this position for 2 mins or more, while taking long deep breaths. Make your exhale last longer then your inhale. Then switch sides.

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