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6 Must-Have Beach Accessories for 2021
Whether you live close to the beach or are planning a beach vacation this summer, it’s time to level up your beachin’. We all know that the beach essentials are a swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, and some shades, but here are 6 must-have beach accessories for this summer that will make your beach day even more awesome!

Lounge chairs
Grab a beach chair that’s easily portable and packable for more comfort on the beach. We love the Unipride Lounge Chairs because they’re a step up from your beach blanket with a back, yet still offer the benefits of your blanket with the ability to lounge. Not to mention, they’re multi-use and make great chairs for lounging outside at home or at the park!

Every beach day is better with some great tunes! Jam out to your favorite summer music while you kick back and relax or play games. A waterproof speaker like the JBL Clip 3 is the way to go when you’re bringing a speaker to the beach or even to a pool.

Beach Tent / Cabana
Umbrellas are so last year, it’s time to level up with a tent or cabana! With this, you’ll no longer worry about your umbrella flying across the beach or not providing enough shade for your whole group. The Cool Cabanas fold up small and are easily portable.

Picnic wine glasses
The Pointer wine and champagne glasses pin into the sand and stay put! Wind can’t blow them over, and you’ll feel way more legit drinking wine out of these instead of a thermos.

Beach safe
Protect your belongings with a safe like the SafeGo Beach Safe. These portable lock boxes have a heavy duty steel cable and will lock to almost anything and everything. Stick one to your beach chair and enjoy the ocean without having someone stay with your stuff or wonder if it’s safe while you’re gone.

Solar phone charger
A solar phone charger harnesses the energy of the sun to provide electric charge for your digital devices. These chargers don’t require any outlets to charge your devices, so they’re a perfect companion for a long day at the beach with no place to plug in your phone, speaker, ebook reader, or other devices.