Benefits of a Gratitude Practice

Benefits of a Gratitude Practice

     Gratitude is one of the strongest gifts that humans are given. It is able to be practiced by anyone and everyone that chooses to seek out all of the amazing benefits that gratitude can provide. Here are just a few reasons why implementing a gratitude practice is key to your healing. 

     1.) Gratitude increases self esteem. Gratitude truly does come from being satisfied and content with the life that you are given. When we spend majority of our time focusing in on what other people are doing, being jealous for the things that other people have that we do not, we lose sight of the greatness in our life. Taking 5 minutes every morning to stop, write, and breath into a space of gratitude will increase your self esteem, because you are joyful for what you have, and the life that you are given. Gratitude spreads, so by making this a practice, it will become nature to no longer feel jealousy but true happiness for the greatness in others' lives as well! 

     2.) Gratitude improves psychological health. Envy, regret, frustration, and jealousy are all toxic emotions. By establishing a gratitude practice, you are decreasing your exposure to these highly toxic emotions, and clearing a space for fulfilling energy and positive thoughts. When the mind is positive, it creates a habitat for increased happiness, and a decrease in depression. Gratitude is one of the most nourishing forms of primary foods for the brain. 

     3.) Gratitude improves physical health! Research found in a 2012 study published in Personality and Individual Differences, showed that grateful people experienced less aches and pains, and reported feeling healthier than other people. Most people do not realize that your body, and the cells that make up your body can hear every thought or word that you speak to yourself. So if you are filling your day with negative thoughts, wishing that you were in a different space in your healing journey, your cells are going to vibrate at a more chaotic frequency than if you were to speak healing and gratitude over your body. Remember, that even if no one else is listening to your thoughts, your body always is. 

     Practicing gratitude is one of the most efficient ways to kickstart your healing journey. It is a simple technique that can be engrained with time. Give yourself the extra time each morning to write up a list of things that you are most grateful for, and allow this habit to flow with you as you move through life! Gratitude is one of the best medicines! 

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