Buddha Pants — The Yoga Harem Pants For Baby Boomers (and Their Parents!)

Buddha Pants — The Yoga Harem Pants For Baby Boomers (and Their Parents!) | Buddha Pants®

Buddha Pants also know as harem pants, are the most comfortable yoga pants on the planet. But did you know they’re fast becoming the go-to pants for Baby Boomers and beyond? They’re the best travel pants you will ever own.  They’re compact, compressible, and vibrant.  Whether a lawn party in Jaipur, or plane “pajamas” on long flights, travelers have embraced them wholeheartedly. 

At first glance, Buddha Pants may seem a bizarre fashion statement for the over sixty crowd.  But on closer consideration they really are the perfect choice. They’re roomy and super comfortable, they don’t need to be ironed, and they’re fun!

Sexagenarians, septuagenarians, and octogenarians are no longer content to play couch-potato. Today’s elder wise-person plays tennis, swims the English Channel, and practices yoga. Tight yoga pants can be difficult to maneuver in.  Buddha pants are easy-on and easy-off. The fabrics are soft and pliant. And the colors and patterns make you happy! 

Our featured model, Cass Caya, (see photo) has this to say of Buddha Pants.  “My daughter, who is an accomplished yogi, has been wearing them for years.  On my last birthday, (it’s not polite to ask a lady, but I’m 86 years young!) she sent me a pair as a present.  I instantly fell in love with them!  Now my friends and I wear them everywhere. To yoga class, to market, to parties.  They even make excellent ocean swimwear.  It’s what all the 'cool kids’ are wearing.  They’re my husband’s, (an ex-banker!) favorite pants for lounging around.” 

Buddha Pants are forever young.

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