Earth Day, Every Day — Buddha Pants + Sustainability

earth day, buddha pants, sustainability
As we celebrate the Earth internationally today, sustainability and green practices will be at the forefront of many discussions. So in case you’re wondering — here’s how you are supporting a more sustainable future when rocking Buddha Pants products.

100% Organic Cotton
Buddha Pants and Jumpsuits are made with fair trade cotton, organic cotton and organic bamboo cotton. Organic cotton is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, making it an excellent choice as an environmentally-friendly fibre throughout its entire product life cycle.

Organic cotton is also known to have a strong claim to sustainability in it’s farming methods. Since organic cotton farming eliminates the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, the contamination of soil and groundwater is eliminated in this farming practice. This also means greenhouse gases and nitrogen emissions are reduced.

Recycled, Recyclable, Eco-Friendly Packaging
Buddha Pants is proud to use the world's most sustainable packaging from EcoEnclose. This means when you receive a package from Buddha Pants it will come in recycled, recyclable and naturally biodegradable packaging.

Quality Over Quantity
Buddha Pants takes pride in creating quality products that stand the test of time while remaining timelessly in style. Each garment is meticulously crafted locally and ethically in Miami Beach and Ho Chi Minh at a little factory that only makes Buddha pants along with garments for two other brands.

(Noteworthy fact: Buddha Pants manufacturing processes in Vietnam ensure their workers are in great conditions and get paid almost five times the local minimum wage.)

Multi-Functional Fashion
Having a great piece of clothing that styles in many ways is key to a sustainable closet. Buddha Pants’ mission is to create multi-functional travel ready apparel, focusing on comfort, all while encouraging an active lifestyle.

Buddha Pants can be dressed up or down and move seamlessly from a yoga class to a street stylish look, or from a great day at the beach to a groovy night out on the town. The options are endless when styling Buddha Pants! Plus, when you’re rocking comfy, organic cotton, free-flowing pants — you might just find yourself wanting to wear them all the time. So if you’re going for a capsule wardrobe, Buddha Pants are an essential!

Plant Based Dyes
The O.G. Buddha Pants and Savannah Winter Harems are available in seven Earth-toned natural colours. Each colour is stunning and created with plant-based dyes.

Happy Earth Day, every day!

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