How To Embrace Change

How To Embrace Change

     Change is scary, but it is also inevitable. As humans we are constantly changing, growing, learning, and expanding into deeper more meaningful parts of ourselves within space and time. If you have a hard time embracing change, here is how you can start changing your perspective

     1.) Understand that it is okay to be scared. It can often times become a tendency to want to sit in comfort. Sometimes it is okay to step outside of that familiar space and sit with discomfort. This challenges us mentally and physically to go beyond the depths of familiarity, into new spaces of unknown. Cultivating curiosity, strength, and awareness! 

     2.) Explore your current idea of why change might be scary for you. It is important to explore the reasons in which we fear change in the first place. Are you scared of the process of change? Or the result of what the change may bring? Often times when we sit to explore this idea, or ask ourselves these questions, we realize that it is not change that we are really scared of, but rather the result of what it may bring. Why? Because it is unknown. Trust the process, and train your mind and body to love the idea of sitting within unfamiliarity. 

     3.) Enjoy the process of something new. Yes, change is different, but that does not always mean it has to have a negative impact. For many, change can trigger anxiety because it is different than what you are used to. But, what if stepping into this new space leaves you in a space that is better than where you were picked up? Manifesting that this change will bring about growth and awareness to expand into a more renewed and vibrant version of yourself. Giving you opportunities to flourish in all areas of life! 

     Change might not be scary for everyone, but for many, it is. Change is stepping into the unknown, trusting that the place that you will settle into will be better than the place from where you came from. Change is an opportunity, and the moment you see it is as that, you will begin to embrace it! 

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