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Incredible Hostels Around The World | Buddha Pants®

By: Kristen Marrs

For some, nomadic travel is as appealing as the destinations they travel to. Many prefer to stay in hostels, that while they might not offer some of the perks that larger hotels do, make up for it in pure charm. These hostels are so full of charm, you’ll be planning a trip in no time!

Traveller’s Cave Pension, Cappadocia, Turkey
This unique hostel is comfortable and affordable in central Turkey. It’s like sleeping in a cave with modern amenities! If you’re adventurous, there are incredible experiences nearby, too, like Hot Air Balloon tours, stunning Rose Valley hikes, or see the Whirling Dervishes.

Radeka Downunder Dugout Motel & Backpacker Inn, Coober Pedy, Australia
Radeka Downunder is exactly like the name says, down under. As in, under ground. It was an opal mine in the 1960s and most everything in this town is under ground, too. The rooms are created from the tunneled sandstone of the mine.

Lavender Circus, Budapest, Hungary
If whimsy is more your style, you’ll be hard pressed to find another place more whimsical than the Lavender Circus. Each room has hand-drawn art on the walls, colorful lamps, and a true bohemian feel. It’s also the perfect place if you prefer a more private hostel.

Caveland, Santorini, Greece
Who doesn’t feel free near the coast line? If you’ve ever enjoyed time near the Greek coast, you know how bright and beautiful it is. This hostel is no exception. The funky, eclectic furniture and cave-like room facades are a picturesque homebase for your travels. Stroll the rainbow gardens, or explore the gorgeous nearby beaches.

Either way, you’ll be glad you visited. Are you packed and ready to go, yet? Don’t forget to bring your buddha pants!