Our Solids Are Organic...

Our Solids Are Organic... | Buddha Pants®
Most of us practice yoga to stay fit and healthy. As with any other workout, you need the right type of clothing in order to practice in the most optimum way. With the proper types of clothes, one can focus completely on the practice rather than adjusting. The Buddha Pants are the perfect, comfy yoga pant. And comfort is not our only plus…Our solid pants are ORGANIC! The main benefit of organic clothing is that they are very eco-friendly as they are made up of organic materials such as bamboo. By adopting eco-friendly clothing, we can reduce the harmful effects of chemicals that are used in treatment of inorganic fabrics. The other benefits of organic clothing are increased comfort and better breathability of clothes. These clothes absorb sweat better. While you adapt eco-friendly clothes for your fitness activities, you not only make your body and mind fit but also make your environment green. Comfort, convenience, eco-friendly…all packed into a versatile travel ready pack.  #harempants #handmade#behealthy #breathe #doyoga #yoga #organiccotton

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