Quick Ways to Build a Travel Fund

Quick Ways to Build a Travel Fund | Buddha Pants®

Have you shaken the piggy bank and it sounds a little bare? Have you been scouring the internet for places to stay on AirBnB and wished you had a little more money in the account to travel the world? Sometimes, you need a little push, or a few new ideas! Let’s build that travel fund!

1. Clean Out Your Closets and Sell Stuff Online
This is a classic go to for making money fast, but with so many online apps and outlets now a days, selling your stuff for better prices than a yard sale is pretty easy to do. If you haven’t worn or used items in over a year, it might be a good time to unload it. Money for you, less clutter for your home.

2. Drink Wine - Sell the Corks on Etsy  
Did you know that you could sell materials through Etsy ? Crafters are often looking for random items in bulk, so if you put your creativity to good use, you could make a fair amount of extra travel cash this way. Corks, toilet paper tubes, buttons, pins- the possibilities are endless.

3. Dog Walking
Throw together a quick flyer and post them around your neighborhood. People are always looking for someone to walk their dogs. You could even offer packages for twice daily walks for even more money. That will add some dollars to the jar quicker than you can say “Let’s go for a walk!” Plus side, you’ll get practice in for all the adventures that await you on your travels.

4. Get Crafty
Do you like to make things: hair-bands, art, drawings? Commission your friends and family to make items for your crafts niche, and watch the extra dollars roll in. Take it a step further and visit your community yard-sale or church event and set up a small table. It's not uncommon for community spaces to sponsor events that allow you to set-up shop for a small donation or fee. If your art appeals to your community, this is a great way to pick up a little extra funding for your travels.

Do you have any other ideas for padding the travel fund? We’d love to hear it!

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