Staying Grounded In The Midst of Chaos- How To Guide

Staying Grounded In The Midst of Chaos- How To Guide

     Staying grounded int he midst of chaos is one of the keys to success in this life. When we are grounded, we are more available to make decisions that are based in alignment with the highest and best version of ourselves. Here is your guide for how to stay grounded in the midst of chaos! 

     1.) Allow the space to feel. Often times we become ungrounded or in a state of unbalance because we are refusing the feel emotions or sensations that come up in a difficult situation. Instead, we fear and become high energy because we are trying to escape. This does not ever allow us to step into a state of feeling. When we FEEL we HEAL. Allow yourself the FEEL the energy that arises in the body when something difficult is coming up, and from there, you can filter out exactly what you need to do to cope with the situation. 

     2.) Understand your needs. Often times we unknowingly step into a state of neglection when stress arises around us. We do not stop and tune in to what is happening in the moment because our energy has become so hightened, that we cannot focus on the present awareness. Stop to understand the steps that you might need to take to reduce that overwhelm and distress that is settling into the body when you do not work through and filter it out. Know that it is okay to need assistance, help, or love when you are stressed and chaos is happening around you. 

     3.) Take deep breaths to calm the nervous system. This may sound easy, but how often are you actually stopping to breath through the day even when chaos is not occurring? Breathing is one of the most efficient ways to calm down a stressed nervous system. The best breathing exercise to reduce stress is the 4 part breath. Inhale for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, and exhale for 4 counts. Repeat this 4 times and feel the calm flood through the body. 

     When the body is in a state of high alert and stress, it is impossible to stay grounded. It is imperative to stay grounded especially during times of chaos because this allows us to better be able to handle tough situations. Try these simple tips to enhance your ability to handle chaos with ease, and to stay grounded even when difficult situations do arise. 

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