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The Magic Formula for Better Friendships

Building healthy friendships has always been a challenge for me. 

Naturally, it has been a challenge for me to find people that are just like me. 

But, what changed everything for me, was when I realized that our differences is what brings us together. 

1.) Being supportive without trying to "fix" this person. This is a key element, for people hate feeling like you are trying to change them in any way. The best way that I have seen change within a relationship, is leading by example. Be a good person, so the next person is encouraged naturally to follow in your footsteps. 

2.) Sharing energy without depleting yourself. Often times we hang around people that only take but never give. It is very important to set up healthy boundaries for yourself when it comes to sharing purifying energy. How can you set healthy boundaries to avoid burnout in your friendships?

3.) Communicating clearly. Communication is one of the biggest pitfalls in any relationship. Openly expressing yourself without fear of judgement is very imperative, for we cannot be everything to everyone. Once we realize this, we find out who our true friends really are. 

I hope that these words find you well on your journey to better friendships, and may you always stay true to yourself. 

Love and kindness,