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Starting A Garden | How To

Starting a garden is a great way to implement a deeper connection with nature, grow your own food, and begin your homesteading lifestyle!

Gardening is actually quite simple, considering there are so many options to chose from when it comes to starting your first garden. 

I am all about returning to the way that things are meant to be. And the more research that I have done, the more I have come to find out that things are really just supposed to be simple. 

So let's start a garden, and let's make it fun and simple!

You will just need to decide what kind of garden you would like to make. If you are living in a neighborhood with a small yard I would recommend raised garden boxes, or to make a lasagna (layered) garden with just a small patch of space working within the area that you have. 

Today, I will be walking you through starting a garden in the ground. Ranging about 10ft by 10ft. 

What you will need...

1.) Garden hoe

2.) Organic garden soil, about 6 bags

3.) Mulch

4.) Fish fertilizer for organic gardening. 

5.) Seeds of choice benefitting the seasons. 

First start by hoeing the ground up about 6 inches below the surface. The reason that I recommend hand hoeing your garden is because there is actually a very critical layer below the surface of the ground that consists of an entire ecosystem helping the function of the growth of your future fruits and vegetables! So this is why I hand till, and only about 6 inches below the surface.

Once the ground is decently tilled, add in your organic soil, and a few bags of mulch to get the ground really fertile and moist. 

Smooth the surface, and organize your rows for seeding. 

Plant your desired seeds according to instructions on each pack. 

I separated each row distinctly using my other mulch lined in between each seeded row. 

Lightly water, then apply fish fertilizer!

You now have a beautiful garden that you get to watch grow over the next several weeks!