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After August’s Solar Eclipse, you are most likely feeling a bit rattled. Big openings have been shaken open. You’re finally at a stepping off point in your personal growth. This, of course, feels new. Sometimes welcoming the new can be a challenge because your ego wants to grasp onto the old. September’s full moon on Sept 6th asks you to be still and listen to the whispers from your heart song so that you can receive the blessings of this new era in your life. September’s full moon is especially magical for your Zodiac Sign as it is allowing you to integrate this higher frequency of existing. Here is your sign’s September 6th full moon report: Capricorn: Trust that what you truly need will be given to you. Let go of expectations. Allow yourself to give and receive from a place of non-attachment. Patience if your mantra this month. Sagittarius: Change is the only constant and since your sign can go with the flow more than most, you’re ahead of the curve. Have faith that all is unfolding in perfect divine order. Balancing your throat chakra is essential to manage your communications in work relationships at this time. Scorpio: You may be having a hard time letting go of the past, but after August’s Solar Eclipse, the Universal energies are supporting you to move forward. Grounding meditations will assist you in feeling held at this great time of transformation in your life!

Libra: You are a vision of peace, but during this month your edges are tested. It is crucial for you at this time to practice pausing when you feel conflicted and irritated by people and situations. Practice deep breathing and counting to ten before you respond. Virgo: You have made huge strides in your outlook on relationships. It is absolutely normal to reflect on the past, but knowing that you can live in the present moment and be exciting of your new future is essential. Good fortune and abundance is on it’s way! Leo: Be EXTRA compassionate with your loved ones at this time. You are still in the midst of a Mercury in Retrograde, and that is effecting all communications at this time. Let go of anger. Walking in nature is good for you at this time. Cancer: You are being called to step it up. This is for your benefit. Rest when you feel tired and put in massive action when you feel spirited. Your evolving at a massive rate right now and balance is very important for you. Practicing Yin/Yang yoga will help you manage these energies. Gemini: Some big opportunities may present themselves in the upcoming months. It is important for you to be open to receiving them. During this full moon write down what you are grateful for, and envision what you would like to manifest. Dream big and put in daily action towards your goals. Taurus: Emotions is high for you at this time. It is very important that you practice mindfulness meditation at this time. Navigate your thoughts from negative to positive. Sometimes this will feel like a minute to minute practice. You must stay disciplined. Aries: As the Beatles sand, “I get by with a little help from my friends,” it is time to let your community support you. Let love in, Aries. You have BIG purpose and your high vibes are attracting your soul tribe at this time! Pisces: It may seem like everyone around you is slowing down or feeling stuck. That isn’t so for you. Don’t let others have a negative impact on you. Protection rituals such as burning sage and visualizing a shield of heavenly armor around you at this time will help you stay energized and positive! Aquarius: You have so much divine support at this time. You may have felt discouraged up until the Solar Eclipse, but now you sense the momentum is building towards your destiny. A full moon ritual should be preformed. Place an offering of rose petals or a totem from nature (Stone, twig, soil) underneath the moon light while feeling the immense gratitude for the gifts in your life. This will help you manifest your dreams rapidly.

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