Why Outdoor Yoga is the Best

Why Outdoor Yoga is the Best
Most yoga classes you’ve attended were probably inside a studio. When you think of the studio classes you’ve taken, you likely imagine those nice wooden floors, plants, dimming lights, mirrors, and maybe a mural or two. While we do love indoor classes in spaces like that, there’s something about practicing yoga outdoors that just can’t compete with the indoor studios.

Yoga is all about being present in your body and grounding yourself. Being in nature makes doing those things a whole lot easier. Your focus is truly pushed into the present moment when you’re purposefully moving your body while feeling the sun and breeze on your skin and hearing sounds of wildlife and the outdoors all around you. It’s harder to get lost in your thoughts when you practice yoga, and even harder when you’re in nature. It seems to make all those worries that pop up in our monkey minds feel a lot more minuscule. During a hot day when you’re sweating mid-way through an outdoor vinyasa class, at the perfect moment nature seems to deliver a breeze that quite possibly is one of the best feelings you’ve ever experienced. A nice savasana feeling on with nature at the end of class can’t be beat.

While outdoor yoga classes aren’t quite as easy to come by as indoor yoga classes, most cities offer a variety of options for outdoor yoga, especially when the weather starts to get nice. To find outdoor yoga classes where you live, you can always search on Google or ask local yoga teachers if they teach or know of any. Oftentimes, weekly outdoor yoga classes are held at breweries, parks, and other spots with larger outdoor spaces. If you can’t find any outdoor yoga classes in your area you want to attend, remember you can always practice on your own! Roll up your mat and head to your favorite park or spot on the beach and create your own flow. You don’t have to be an expert yogi or yoga teacher to flow on your own! Start to move your body and find stretches that feel best to you, then you’ll naturally find your own flow and keep going.

Outdoor yoga is our favorite kind of yoga for so many reasons, and we love to take advantage of taking an outdoor yoga class anytime it’s available. If you haven’t tried practicing yoga outside yet, we definitely recommend it!

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