Why You Should Be Living A Rural Lifestyle

Why You Should Be Living A Rural Lifestyle

Living a rural lifestyle can be achieved by anyone, no matter your living situation. Whether you really are on a big plot of land or in a big city, finding ways to bring this lifestyle to you is the best way to activate the healing within the earth.

Taking what you have and making into something that you desire. 

The reasons for living a more rural lifestyle are very large but here are just a few reasons you should start. 

Living a rural lifestyle connects you with what matters most. Nature. Nature in itself is healing for your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Spending time in nature will stimulate your senses, allowing you to be more self aware, increasing body awareness, and strengthening your intuition. Leading you to live a clearer lifestyle because you are able to make decisions more effectively and efficiently from tuning back into your true knowing. 

Living a more rural lifestyle detaches you from the fast paced rhythm of the world and surrounding society. While majority of our life is based around engaging with other people, it is very healthy to make sure that you prioritize finding time and space to engage in quiet, slow paced activities. Whether that be taking a walk on a trail, meditating in the woods of your home or surrounding parks, observing the flow of living creatures in nature, yoga, prayer, gardening, etc. Is there something that you can think of that could detach you from the chaos of the world to find stillness within?

Adopting a mindset based upon rural living will also save you money. Living a rural lifestyle encourages you to want to live a simpler, more spiritual lifestyle. Therefore helping you detach from the material temptations of the world. When you are living fully rurally you are growing your own food, supplying your own water, tending to crops and animals, but also maintaining the peace within this work. Adopting this mindset even if you are living in a big city, or surrounded by little land, you can find something to tend to. Maybe a house plant, a small animal, a small patch of grass in your yard, or even joining a community garden club. 

Cheers to living a simpler, more blissful lifestyle!

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