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Jenn Smith | Buddha Pants®
Jenn has dedicated her career to promoting health and self-acceptance for all shapes, sizes and abilities.  Her yoga training and teaching background is a blend of styles learned from Anusara yoga, Iyengar and active Hatha yoga.  Her style of teaching is an alignment-based yoga that helps people find their way safely into yoga poses, as well as breath work and meditation.   After a lifetime struggling with body image and weight issues, Jenn has dedicated her life to promoting health and acceptance for all shapes and sizes.  


She works with people who are fit and active, as well as working with people who are aging and have injuries.   She has created specialized yoga therapy classes for people in 12 step recovery, people with mental and emotional disabilities, and people moving through grief. 


In addition to teaching yoga, Jenn is also a professional Middle Eastern Dancer.  Known in the belly dance community as Jennelah, she has spent the last decade traveling and studying with the great masters of Arabic music and dance. Whether it's yoga or dance, Jenn's classes are filled with dedication and passion to engage her students in an active learning process that will transform lives. 
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