GIFT GUIDE: Buddha Pants Edition

GIFT GUIDE:  Buddha Pants Edition

A guide to making this gift giving season easy & effortless!

Thoughtfully choosing apparel to gift/wear goes far beyond what apparel looks like — of course style will always draw you in, but it’s important to consider elements that go beyond the exterior. So if you’re looking for rad and versatile gifts this season — here’s what Buddha Pants has to offer.

As a long time lover of Buddha Pants, the one thing that stands out most is how Buddha Pants stand the test of time. Wash after wash (I like to hang dry mine), they look great!  The craftsmanship of Buddha Pants does not go unnoticed and it’s something I personally value a lot.  Quality over quantity, any day.

Let’s talk about cotton! If you haven’t geeked out on why 100% cotton is best to wrap your body in, please give it a google, or read about it HERE. Buddha Pants is my go-to for cotton pants and jumpers. There are so many print and colour options too! Whether you’re seeking out staple wardrobe colours, or something outside of your typical look, Buddha Pants will have something fun to explore.

The mission of Buddha Pants is to create organic, multifunctional, travel-ready, comfy apparel - and this statements is truly the embodiment of what Buddha Pants is all about. 

Now here’s how Buddha Pants exudes some serious ingenuity vibes. ALL Buddha Pants pack up into their left pocket turning into an epic little bundle of travel and adventure-ready awesomeness.  Tie your Buddha Pants conveniently to your bag or backpack. Or for this gift giving season, just pack them up and pop a festive bow on top — Buddha Pants are essentially already wrapped up for you!

Buddha Pants is a small company with a big presence, and still manages to make sure to give back to those in need.  For every ten pairs of pants purchased, Buddha Pants donates one pair to various charities in need.  You can learn more about their Give Back Program HERE.

Buddha Pants has a wide size range from baby - XXL; there is something stylish and comfy for every body.
Check out their KIDS apparel, and ADULT to PLUS SIZE apparel.

NOW let’s dive into the styles that Buddha Pants has to offer...

The Savannah Pant is Buddha Pants number one selling pant, and for good reason! It’s unisex, 100% cotton and probably the most comfortable pant you’ll ever put on. Savannah Pants are easy to style up or down and available in over 25 prints and solids.  The size ranges from  baby to XXL — so there is something for every one.
Savannah Pants HERE.

If you own a Savannah Jumper, you already know how clutch it is — I always have one hung up in my washroom, ready to slip on after a shower.  Not to mention, the Savannah Jumper is that piece of clothing everyone always asks about — it’s great to style up or down and is seriously sexy, but in that effortless cute kinda way. 
Give the gift of “my new favourite outfit” HERE.

The classic jogger rebooted. The Miami Jogger is a 100% cotton pant, curated in four solid colours and two print options. With two pockets and subtle brass bead detailing on the pocket the pant packs up into, the Miami Jogger is a fave to many — especially men.
Miami Joggers HERE.

If you’re into buttery soft organic bamboo cotton, you will adore the San Fran Pant.  A high waisted genie style pant, with newly launched colour options, the San Fran Pant is a fave among yogis and those with a passion for fashion.  It’s also a newer style launched by Buddha Pants.
San Fran Pants HERE.

The Key West Romper is a two-in-one! You can wear it as pants or a romper. It’s seriously comfy and an awesome go-to for a day at the beach turned into a spontaneous dinner and night out. In my experience, its also best worn naked underneath. Comes in black and four prints!
Key West Rompers HERE.

Buddha Pants accessories are designed to complete your Buddha Pants look — but also awesome on their own.  The idea behind all accessories is versatility, so give them a look and notice what pulls you in. Great for stocking stuffers too! 
Accessories HERE.

Not sure what to get?  Give the gift of a rad new brand to explore and rock.  
All gift card denominations HERE.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy & healthy holiday season!

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