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Why to Visit White Sands National Monument
It was mid-May and I hit the road heading towards California with my two dogs from Miami, Florida.
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Eco-Chic (and Charitable!) On The Beach
These beach essentials will have you looking good—while doing good—this summer.
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Cloth or Disposable Diapers - Which To Choose?
When we hear the word “diaper” most of us think of the classic Pampers brand, or the  commercial for Huggies where there is a cute baby crawling on perfectly polished wood floor.
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5 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today

Random Acts of Kindness make the world a little brighter. Here are 5 R.A.K you can do right now without breaking the bank!

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How to Get Motivated for a Half Marathon
Yet here I am, more than 1000 miles of training, dozens blisters, more “legs up the wall” sessions than I can count, 2 half marathons later, and I am a self-proclaimed runner.
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Best Healing Herbs
Looking to boost your health and brighten your days?  Our freshest blog tells you about the 5 Best Healing Herbs. Check it out and get inspired to get your own stash growing!
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Blogs you should read!
Ready for your daily dose of knowledge?! Well here’s 5 days worth in one! Check out why you should look back on a few of our noteworthy blogs!
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5 awesome things to do with your kid wearing Buddha Pants® !

Having kids is a total blessing, but that doesn't mean it's always easy! Check out our blog for some Awesome FREE Things To do w/ Your Kid(s) wearing Buddha Pants®, it just might give you that little confirmation you need today!

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4 Tips for a Relaxing & Rejuvenating Camping Experience
There are few things more restorative than spending time in nature.
mindfulness ·
Keep Calm & Fly On
How to keep your zen at 39,000 feet up.
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Swim With Sharks
Shark Week is coming—what better time to plan a swim alongside the sea's most infamous inhabitants?
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Why City-Living May Be For You

An interview with two rockin’ women about why they chose to live in the heart of Chicago.

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What Traveling Solo Across the U.S. Taught Me About Anxiety

Anxiety is something you don’t have to live with. Here is how one woman battled her anxiety and won by challenging herself with a cross-country solo trip.


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Vegan on the Road - How to Eat in Hotels
Vegan eating is a healthy option, but it’s not simple when you are traveling. Read these tips for how to stick to a vegan plan when staying in a hotel.
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Meditation for Busy Minds - How to Find the Calm

Have you tried to meditate before, but you weren’t able to settle your thoughts? Read these tips for overcoming a busy mind when you are trying to relax.

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5 Quick Recipes to Give Your Morning a Boost
Want to eat healthy on the go? Here is 5 quick fixes!
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5 Amazing Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations

Summer is here and vacations are on the horizon! We have some incredible dog-friendly destinations!

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5 Ways to Love Yourself
I like to think I've always loved myself. But I know in childhood it wasn't a concept that crossed my mind.
Self Care ·
5 Daily Rituals
Sometimes you just need to follow a little schedule....
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5 Places to take your Buddha Prayer Flags
Yes! We made prayer flags and they all pack up into themselves.
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5 Virtues for Good Living!
You get through your days, good things happen, bad things happen. Sometimes stuff in the middle happens that you can't quite explain......