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Music with Mariano Venni
Interview with Mariano Venni
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Yoga with Alex Carvalho
We did vinyasa yoga with Alex Carvalho last week and we had a blast! Here is the down low on Alex.
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20 minutes with Jessica
Learn a little bit about singer and Guitar player Jessica Fein.
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Buddhas in Boulder
Day in the life of SupSammi in Boulder, CO.
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Staying Grounded
These days, we’re facing unprecedented levels of change, uncertainty, and chaos. In addition to all these outward changes, we’re also being called on to transform internally.


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The Scoop on Painter David Lavernia
We had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with with David Lavernia last week during Farmfest.
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Why Our Negative Emotions Deserve Acknowledgement over Dismissal
When we feel anger or stress or anxiety come up, it doesn’t feel phenomenal.
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The Mountains are Calling: My Top 5 Things to do in Buena Vista, CO
Ever been to the mountains? If not, we recommend it. Endless outdoor activities, friendly locals, and care free vibes make Buena Vista, CO the place to visit.
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Avoiding Dis-Ease, Inviting more Ease!
Most cases of people going into hospitals come from psychosomatic dis-eases, the absence of ease, of peace, of bliss.
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The Chakras
As you start living a more conscious life, and start attending classes or reading more books, you’ll get to encounter this word very, very often, so I invite you to dig in and understand the chakras better.
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Five Podcasts to Improve your Life

Whether you have a long drive, long walk, or just an insatiable desire for learning and self-improvement, you might already be informed, podcasts are good for you!   

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How to do Yoga with Your Mini

The yoga industry is booming! From social media to finding your posture in bikram class to local yoga events that serve mimosas post your sweat. What really has gotten a lot of attention but not appreciated is the yoga photography these moms.

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Five Ways to be a Friend
We all know that friend, the one who gives us a great feeling every time their name pops up via text or in the feed....
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Buddha Gift Guide!
A gift guide for yogi mamas, curious thinkers, and outdoor adventurers.
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I quit my job and bought a van
Big changes invite new mantras.
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It's Hammer Time!
Can you believe it has been 16 years since “Can’t touch this” by MC hammer was released?
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Halloween DIY

Time to get funky! This is the holiday where you can put your imagination and crafty skills to work. Test your “do it yourself” potential and have a blast putting your costume together.


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Healthy Habits before the Holidays
Some of the most delicious holidays are right around the corner and my mouth is already salivating just from the thought of what’s to come!
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Autumn Adventures
Autumn, interchangeably known as fall in North America, marks the transition from summer to winter. The arrival of night becomes noticeably earlier, and the temperature cools considerably.
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Back to School & Time Management

After enjoying the summers lax and easy going vibe (for most), going back to school can create some cramped days as far as making time for your own personal agenda.


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Baby Buddha’s ~ Yoga Like a Kid
The innocence that a child’s essence breathes is like no other. Their no- fear, energetic attitude gives them many advantages, which unlike many adults, creates for a better yoga practice.